The most popular ski tour in Øksendalen has a long season









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This is the absolute classic in Øksendalen.

Spectacular view and a long season weights up for the long approach.

From the summit you can see straight down into Eikesdalsvatnet and further into Romsdalsfjella with the mighty Troll Wall.

This trip is best done in the spring when the days are longer.

In general there are no technical difficulties or more than moderate steep terrain in this tour. Park your car at the parking lot inner most in Øksendalen.

Follow a little road passing a little power station before crossing the river by a bridge.

Now you are at Brandstadbu.

Continue on the path and keep to the left when it splits in two.

You may have to bootpack some vertical meters in the start.

Cross the river and follow it until you pass the tree line.

Then hold a bit more to S-W heading towards Saufjellet.

At Saufjellet head to the south towards height 1301.

You are now in an intermediate transport section before you reach height 1301.

Here you turn to the west to climb the top face of Fløtatind. Making it all the way to the summit is done on the east side of the top ridge by passing the glacier.

Depending on the season and the snow conditions, it may be difficult passing the bergschrund in the transition between the glacier and the rocks.

Most likely you have to scramble the last meters to the summit. Return the same way as the ascend.

Enjoy the spectacular view and the long descend!