The Alta Via delle Dolomiti n. 1 winds along a path of 125 km and 7,300 m of altitude gain, consisting of 12 stages, which connects Lake Braies (BZ) with Belluno.



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The route, the first, the most classic and the most famous of the great Dolomite itineraries, consists of 12 stages and connects several municipalities and regions, starting from Lake Braies and arriving in Belluno.

The itinerary can be divided up into three distinct parts: From the Lago di Bràies to the Tofàne with the Dolomite groups of the Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo, Fànis, Tofàne. From the Tofàne to the Civetta with the Dolomite groups of the Nuvolàu, Croda da Lago, Pelmo and Civetta. From the Civetta to Belluno, with the Dolomite groups of the Moiazza, Tàmer-San Sebastiano, Prampèr-Mezzodì, Schiara. The basic route follows paths that are not particularly difficult for an experienced hiker; in addition, passages or stretches that are a little rough are always equipped.

Along the way there are many alpine pastures and traditional huts where to get some refreshment and spend the night.

To suit the tastes of more expert hikers, some alternatives to the classic route are suggested.

These variants are more technical and challenging hikes, as they go along via ferratas (equipped paths) or climb up to reach the famous peaks of the various mountain groups.