The 'Mont-Blanc of north-western Norway' offers glacier adventure and great skiing.



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This is the Mont Blanc of the north-western Norway, with a spectacular glacier and an ice cap covering the summit plateau.

From the parking lot at Dalen, head south and cross the fields.

Follow the marked trail, which - if it isn't visible - is marked by red marks on the trees to Viromsetra in Grasdalen.

Here you leave the marked trail and head for Botnen to the south west.

When it gets steeper, turn to the south and follow the most gentle slope in the bowl on the west side of Tunga.

At 1300 m.a.s.l.

head to the west and enter the glacier via a steep section.

Be careful not to slip due to icy conditions here.

When on the glacier, turn south and head straight towards Kongskrona.

The last climb to the summit may be icy as well, so you might have to boot pack the last vertical meters to the top plateau.

The summit is one of the few in Norway covered with an ice cap and is completely flat.

Enjoy the spectacular view! Descent is either done by the ascent route or through the glacier.

When descending through the glacier, first descend from the summit plateau, then traverse a bit to the north-west towards Dronningkrona.

When you are in the middle of Dronningkrona and Kongskrona you can drop down into the glaciated descent, then keep heading to the north.

When at the lower parts of the glacier, you can turn to the east and join the ascent route at Botnen.

Be aware of crevasses during this descent and enjoy a brilliant ski!