An easy, short walk from the Dog Canyon Campground where you can "discover the plants and animals of a meadow in the secluded north section of the park."


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This easy hike is your opportunity to explore "the natural and cultural history" of Dog Canyon in the northern reaches of Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Less than one mile in length, this short walk can be completed in under one hour, even at a relaxed and leisurely pace.

Despite its name, dogs *are not* allowed on this hike.

According to the NPS, leashed pets are only permitted in areas "accessed by vehicles, including established roadsides, parking areas, frontcountry picnic areas, and frontcountry campgrounds." If you bring your pet along, consider staying at the Pine Springs Campground instead, as visiting the nearby [Pinery Trail]( is an excellent opportunity to take the dog for a stroll along the remnants of the historic Butterfield Stage Station. Resting at 6,280' above sea level, the trailhead for this hike is located next to the Dog Canyon Campground.

It tends to remain cooler than Pine Springs and offers shelter "from strong, gusty winds in winter and spring." This quaint campground hosts 9 tent sites and 4 RV sites, as long as they are under 23' in length.

You'll find water and restrooms nearby, but no showers.

Though Dog Canyon may not be the best trailhead for longer backcountry hikes, the NPS does highlight a few ideas on a brief guide to the canyon [seen here]( [Source] (