Brilliant, challenging and scenic riding high above the Inn valley.









FATMAP difficulty grade



A brilliant and challenging ride, the fact that the Nockspitzbahn lift is not always open means that this line doesn't get as much traffic as it ought to.

For those who make the effort to ride it (and if the Nockspitzbahn lift is closed then it does require a bit of physical effort) it provides ample reward. The line begins at the top of the Nockspitzbahn lift but it can be joined slightly further down if you're coming in from the Muttereralmbahn and don't want to pedal all the way to the top.

You can easily drop into it from the snow cannon-feeding lake just above and to the west of the Muttereralmbahn's top station.

Regardless of whether you enter at the very top or slightly lower down, the top section features some steep, tight and deep berms which will really test your ability to hold and control speed.

You then enter the trees and the riding becomes more technical but also quicker in places.

There are some large drops, fun jumps and some impressive rock gardens too, so micro route finding decisions are crucial.

This is definitely one of those trails where learning it, and perfecting each section will really pay dividends.

You'll never ride it slower than you do the first time, and you'll have to ride it hundreds of times to really get it spot on! The trail finishes by the Nockspitzbahn middle station, and then leads straight into another great trail of about the same difficulty - The Rough One.

Both trails are graded the same as the nearby First One, but in reality these 2 lines are trickier. Once you're done with this line, take a quick break and then get stuck straight into The Rough One!