Natural trail gives way to some brilliant wooden features.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Like the line which feeds this one (The Wild One), this descent is graded by the official Bike Park signs as the same difficulty level as "The First One" but in reality it's much trickier.

There are some pretty big drops, long sections of off camber roots and some stomach-lurching wooden sections. The route starts at the Nockspitzbahn lift mid-station and is almost always ridden immediately after doing The Wild One.

The Nockspitzbahn is not always open (despite this line and The Wild One being officially part of the Innsbruck Bike Park Mutters) but you can still ride it from the Muttereralm lift in return for a little bit of effort on your part.

There is no bus linking the foot of this trail and the foot of the Muttereralm lift, so saving this until the end of the day and then riding down into Innsbruck makes sense. In its upper section this trail goes through some beautiful forests and with that comes all the usual treats - roots, drops and turn turns.

It's all pretty technical and all but the most confident and capable of riders will likely get off and walk around a couple of the bigger drops. Upon leaving the trees you'll emerge onto a jeep track next to a farm.

Ride down it for 50 metres or so then drop off right back into the forest, and follow a series of tight bends, rock gardens and epic - but occasionally somewhat intimidating - wooden features to reach the foot of the Nockspitzbahn.