The classic Mt. Ashland shuttle run still delivers the goods!


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Ashland is a paradise for enduro riders looking to rip endless shuttle runs.

The classic Mt.

Ashland shuttle run has been popular for many years, but it still reigns as a top-tier mountain bike ride with over a vertical mile of elevation loss. The classic route follows Upper Bull Gap -> Lower Bull Gap -> Upper Lynx -> Lower Lynx -> Catwalk -> Toothpick -> Caterpillar -> Lizard -> Jabberwocky -> Waterline.

Then, the route follows roads into the town of Ashland, and a combination of bike path and roads to return to [Ashland Mountain Adventures](, the local shuttle company of note. The classic shuttle is a mostly-smooth romp down singletrack with a decomposed granite surface.

The decomposed granite makes for loose, squirrely handling in places, especially when it's been a while since the last rain, but there are few substantial obstacles to give you pause.

The biggest rocks on this route are found on Lynx (AKA Missing Links), and some of these sections might warrant a black diamond rating.

A few of the boulder moves can be awkward, and a few can be hucked, but there are also either lines through the tech.

But taken all together, this route gets a "difficult" FATMAP rating. The upper trails are fast and wide open, with a few sections of climbing mixed in.

The towering trees and fast trails are classic Oregon high altitude riding, which shows you just how tall Mt.

Ashland towers over the valley below.

Lynx checks the technical rock garden box, and then lower down, Lizard and Jabberwocky provide the requisite flow.

While the upper trails are classic singletrack, lower down, you'll rail through berms and over tabletops and drops.

Lizard especially is an excellent machine built flow trail, with the classic Jabberwocky offering an old school flow experience.

Jabberwocky is the namesake trail that everyone refers to, but it's just one portion of the overall experience. While some of the trails on Mount Ashland haven't aged as well as others, the shuttle options here are simply world-class.

This route is just the start...

once you begin exploring, you'll uncover a plethora of alternative options!