A great intermediate zone with open bowls and easy access


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Lazyboy zone sits South West of Cayoosh Mountain, on the North side of Duffey Lake Road, about 30km East of Pemberton, BC.

In contrast to other popular routes in this area, Lazyboy is not glaciated and has endless options for mellow open bowl skiing.

It is common for parties to put a good skin track up the centre of the bowl and then ski laps, recycling the same skin track for each ascent.

Despite being reasonably popular, this zone is so large that you will still find fresh tracks days after a storm.

Due to its shape, the bowl offers multiple aspects to choose from depending on conditions.

The most popular run, 'Lazy Boy' follows a S/SE aspect down from the ridge, offering long descents of over 500m vertical.

Its neighbour, 'Laziest Boy' follows more of a SE/E aspect and offers a similar length of descent.

After skinning up the service road you will enter the Ottoman slide path at around 1500m elevation.

This is a well defined avalanche path and should be treated with caution.

As you follow Cayoosh Creek up the main drainage there is significant overhead hazard from the slopes to the south.

Try to stay as far climbers right as possible to limit exposure.

At around 1700m elevation you will be confronted by a small gully on the climbers left and slightly steeper, but more open slopes on climbers right.

This gully is a terrain trap and is exposed to the steeper slopes on its south side.

Rather than skinning up the gully, stick to the slopes on your right hand side.

Once you reach 1800m elevation you should have a good view of the entire bowl.

You are in avalanche terrain so choose your route carefully.

It is preferable to aim for the col to your NW.

Once you gain this col you can choose to head right (NE) up the ridge to the top of Lazy Boy, or to turn left (W) on the ridge and head for Laziest Boy. Once you are done for the day, simply follow your up track back to the service road, via the Ottoman slide path.

Be mindful of these same hazards mentioned above on your descent back to the road.