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Monte Corvo always offers scenarios of great fatigue and solitude: whatever the slope and the itinerary chosen for its ascent, you will have to deal with significant differences in height and landscapes of infinite beauty.

Far from the great giants of the massif, it is sometimes forgotten ...

in reality it is a mighty mountain with a long ridge that winds in an east-west direction, two peaks and walls that hide unexpected gifts.

Today we go in search of one of these jewels: the Grotta del Capraro, located under the Western Peak of Corvo, on the south wall. Our excursion begins near the Masseria Cappelli. Once near the Stazzo di Solagne (1700 meters), we turn left towards the NE, moving on sight towards the great wall of the Corvo. There are no paths, we proceed trying to identify the best way up, now on the bottom of a gravel channel, now on the ridge that encloses it where the terrain is less uncomfortable.

In any case, the result does not change: 700 meters of altitude difference await us with constant slopes of 30 degrees.

Kalipè! Slow and steady step up to the cave. Under the cave, the game becomes more interesting given the presence of some climbing steps (II degree).

Take care… A rope is recommended to secure the less experienced. In the first half of the nineteenth century, the Chiarino mountain saw the establishment of the great pastoral company of the Marquis Cappelli.

These companies were structured in a rigorous and capillary way: each was assigned a task.

There were the mules, the horsemen, the cheesemakers and the caprari.

It is not surprising then, within the framework of an organization tending to the systematic exploitation of all available grazing, to find a shelter in such an inaccessible place.

The goat and his flock found shelter there after grazing on the large grassy ledges of this side of the Corvo. We resume our march towards the Eastern Summit of Corvo.

WARNING! From the cave the track seems to lead to climbs, instead we move east crossing over stony ground. When the walls seem to close, now in sight of the Sella del Corvo, it bends sharply to the left climbing some canals again… There is no obligatory route, you have to sniff out the right itinerary. Reached the summit, it starts again following the ridge still in an easterly direction until intercepting the normal route. First to the Sella del Corvo and then to the Chiarino Valley passing through the beautiful Rifugio Fioretti.