Cross-country type of ride allowing access to segments #201, #202 and #204. The route follows jeep track on the north slopes of Mt Arapchal


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Segment №200 connects the localities Yundola and Peeva Polyana, passing through Shamaka, Elata, Torishkata, Glavitsa and Pechenek.

This segment gives access to segments with numbers 201, 202 and 204.

Its total length is about 15 km and it is marked in both directions. The beginning of the segment is in the eastern part of the resort Yundola.

Immediately below the buildings of the forestry begins a narrow and broken asphalt road, which climbs the slopes of Mehmedova Chuka peak.

After about 2 km you reach the Antev Kladenets area, where to the right of the road there is a wooden shelter and a fountain.

Here the slope decreases and you soon reach a turnoff, where a segment №201 (the Puddle) separates on the right.

You pass and after a slight descent you reach the Shamaka area.

To the left of the road there is a small wooden shed, which offers a nice view of the western slopes of Mount Chernovets.

The road continues in a NE direction and after about a kilometer you reach the Elata area, where the asphalt cover ends.

Segment №200 continues forward, and the turnoff to the right leads to the Lokvata area.

After Elata the road cuts through the western slopes of Arapchal and after about 2.5 km you reach the area of ​​Torishkata, where there is a hunting lodge, shelter and running water.

From this point you continue to the right (NE), and the road on the left descends to the road Belovo - Yundola.

The next area along the route is Glavitsa.

Here to the left of the road there are game fields and a hunting jackal.

You pass Glavitsa and already moving in a southeasterly direction you will soon reach an important crossroads, where you have to turn right, making an almost U-turn.

If you continue forward you will reach an enclosure that does not allow you to continue.

From this fork follows a short climb and after about a kilometer you will reach a fountain and a wooden shed to the right of the road.

This is the so-called Aramaic fountain.

Continue along the forest road and after another kilometer you will reach a meadow with an important crossroads - the segment №202 (red triangle) starts straight, which leads to Kladova and the White Rock.

Segment 200 continues to the left.

You pass a characteristic flat meadow (left) and soon reach a fork, where you have to continue on the right road (the left one is marked with red pedestrian markings).

Following the right road you make a short climb and after about 500 m you reach a small meadow to the right of the road.

If you turn right at this place for about 5 minutes you will come out on a characteristic rock, which offers a wonderful view of the slopes of Arapchal, Ostrets, Syutka and the region of Velingrad.

Segment №200 continues on the forest road in an easterly direction and after another 500 - 600 meters you reach a meadow, where on the right is the beginning of segment №204 (Pechenek).

Here the forest road turns north and after about 2 km you reach the area of ​​Peeva Polyana and the road Velingrad - Byalata Voda, where the segment ends.