Downhill trail on the southern slopes of Alabak ridge near Velingrad


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Segment №202 starts from a typical crossroads about 500 northwest of the non-functioning hut "Kladova".

It can be reached by segment №200 from Peeva Polyana (about 5 km) or from Yundola (about 10 km). From the starting point you head south and in a few minutes you reach the Kladova area, where the buildings of the non-functioning hut "Kladova" are located.

Cross the meadow in a southeasterly direction and follow a marked forest road leading to the White Rock area.

The road climbs slightly, passes a fork to the right and about a kilometer after the hut begins the descent path itself.

At first it moves with a slight slope, traversing the slope.

Two fountains pass by and you soon reach the White Rock area, where Vela Peeva's place of death is located.

Here the trail makes a sharp turn to the left and begins a steep descent in a southeasterly direction.

A series of serpentines follows, after which a logging road is reached.

The trail crosses it in several places and the markings must be carefully monitored. In the next section, the trail passes through a rocky gutter, then enters an artificial grove and finally descends to the forest road Samovoditsa - Elin Vrah, near the bridge over the river Elenka.

Here you turn right and after 200-300 meters you come out at the hunting lodge "Samovoditsa".

There is a fountain in the yard of the hut, and if necessary you can look for shelter. After the hut the segment continues down the forest road, but after another 200 meters you leave it and take the marked path to the left.

There is a nice section, varied of several small falls and rocks and soon you reach a small stream, which crosses and continues forward.

From this point to the Old Chark area, the trail has a relatively small slope, but on the other hand it is quite fast, and in some places there are natural falls and obstacles that make it very pleasant. There is a fountain and a recreation area in the Old Chark area.

From here the segment continues on the forest road leading to the area of ​​St.

Nicholas Church, where you need to turn right to the chapel "St.


There is also a fountain and a massive wooden shelter.

You pass the chapel and after about 150 meters you turn onto a path to the right.

This is where the final descent of the segment begins.

Along this path you reach the Pulmonary Hospital, from where you reach Velingrad through the "Grandma and Grandpa" pub and the park of Velova Banya.