Another downhill option starting from Mt Elin vrah









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Segment №206 is a descent on the southern slopes of Elin Vrah.

To reach its beginning it is necessary to descend №205 from Elin Vrah through the area of ​​Pozhara.

About 500 m below there is a turnoff to the right, where it is actually the beginning of №206.

From here the trail descends with several serpentines to the area of ​​Dragiche, where are the ruins of the former shelter "Dragiche".

To the left of the shelter there is a fountain, which can dry out during the summer months.

From Dragiche, the segment №206 continues in a southwesterly direction, coinciding for some time with №210.

A short steep section follows, after which №210 splits to the right, and №206 continues straight south to the Ulichkite area.

In fact, the trail passes a little to the side (east) of the streets themselves and if you want to visit it, you need to turn 100 meters to the right.

The trail continues in a southwesterly direction and soon leads to a nice meadow.

At the lower end of the meadow there is a fork in the path.

At this junction №206 continues to the left (east).

There is a very nice section varied by many rocks and different lines.

Soon you come out on a small ridge, where the path turns south.

There is a speed section through a pine forest and after about 500 meters you come out on a forest road.

Cross the road and continue in a southeasterly direction until you reach the clearing with a power line.

Here segment №206 merges with №203 and follows a narrow path along the edge of the forest to the east.

Soon you come out on an asphalt street, which leads to the first houses in Kamenitza.