XC route providing you with many options for 2-3 hrs loops west of Velingrad









FATMAP difficulty grade



For most of its length segment #210 follows a forest road which gives you access to the lower parts of many segments - 201, 202, 204, 205, 206, 211 and thus providing you with you with the opportunity to make a classic enduro loop with different length and difficulty.

The segment starts from Velingrad and climbs to Bulin chair where it intersects with 201.

A few more kilometers up is Samovoditsa where you can turn right and down on 202.

The climb continues after Samovoditsa until you get to a place named Dragiche where 210 intersects with 204 and 206.

Here the forest road ends and starts a short (1 km) section of single track which involve some pushing.

This climb takes you Izvora - the highest point of the segment.

Here you may go down on 205 or continue further until Achovitsa where is the intersection with 211.

The last point of the route is in Stanilovets - area with some nice views of the region of Velingrad.

This segment can be done also in the opposite direction and it is marked with blue triangles.