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Ascent: Communal ski lift - Follow the markings of the blue piste of Les Orgères at the departure of the Communal ski lift.

Continue on this same slope after passing the arrival of the ski lift.

At the next intersection, turn left on the blue slope of the Grand Montaz that you go up until you reach the ridge and reach the foot of the Evasion ski lift.

Follow it along the track to the top of the Mont-Joux. Descent: by the same route as the ascent. Night itinerary Every Tuesday and Friday of the winter season, the Orgères piste is open to ski tourers from 5 pm to 9 pm.

The grooming plan of the ski area has been adapted to allow this activity.

The Orgères slope is therefore clear of grooming machines and their cables during the time slot.

In case of an avalanche prevention operation, the itinerary will be closed and a sign indicating the closure will be visible at the departure of the itinerary.

Practitioners will have to wear a working headlamp and be equipped with a means of communication allowing them to call for help in case of emergency. Translated with