Easy in-town hike to a scenic overlook.


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This short loop to Panorama Point offers a mellow yet secluded hike to a scenic vista overlooking Jacksonville, with views out into the Rogue Valley beyond. The hike begins at Britt Park and heads into the Britt Woodlands.

While any number of trail combinations could get you to Panorama Point, including a much more direct out-and-back route, the loop mapped here visits the overlook and returns to the trailhead without using the same trail twice.

This allows the would-be hiker to enjoy unique scenery around every turn in the trail. Along the entire hike, you'll enjoy the serenity of the woodlands, hiking under the cover of the forest canopy the whole time.

Only at Panorama Point will you find a break in the trees for a view of your surroundings, but a few benches placed on top of the hill allow you to sit and contemplate the natural world around you.

Take some time to slow down and simply soak in the forest. This hike is so convenient that you can even walk to the start from downtown Jacksonville.

Few towns have trails so closely integrated into the fabric of the community, making Jacksonville a true gem.