Beautifully-designed mountain bike-specific singletrack.


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Riders will find a compact, beautifully-built mountain bike-specific trail system basking in the sun on the flanks of the Mountain of the Rogue.

With a little something for everyone, this stacked loop trail system has been artfully designed to appeal to a broad swath of mountain bikers. Stacked loop trail systems feature easy trails lower down the mountain and closer to the trailhead, with the more difficult trails further removed from the parking area.

That's exactly what you'll find at Mountain of the Rogue.

The route mapped here sticks to the lower mountain and the easiest trails, forming an excellent loop on the beginner-friendly Pay Dirt trail. Pay Dirt offers a beautiful beginner-friendly flow trail, with sculpted berms, tabletop jumps of various sizes, and bailout lines if you don't want to get air.

All of the hits on Pay Dirt can either be rolled or launched, allowing riders to choose their own level of difficulty as they descend. The flow trails on this mountain have been beautifully designed, allowing riders to carry plenty of speed and hit the lips with confidence.

Mountain of the Rogue is probably home to the best flow trails in Southern Oregon. Was the descent over too quickly? Pedal back up and try a different trail on for size!