Hike past historic springs to a beautiful waterfall.


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Fairy Falls is tucked back in a small canyon in the Shasta National forest.

A few small streams of water tumble down a rippled rock cliff, splashing into a beautiful pool below.

While this unmarked hike in some ways feels very off the beaten path, it has become quite popular with locals and tourists alike. The hike begins from an unmarked dirt parking lot.

Directly from the lot, there are two different options, which can be confusing.

While they eventually come back together, the most straightforward route is mapped here. On this map, you'll see a few different waypoints noting turns.

You'll have to turn off the path that you're currently hiking on two consecutive times in order to reach Fairy Falls.

Neither of these turns are marked, so be sure to download this map for offline use in the FATMAP app. The final stretch of singletrack to get down to the falls may be a bit tricky to negotiate.

The dirt and rocks can sometimes get wet, and you may have to use a hand or two to slide through the trees.

That said, this is a family-friendly hike, and you'll see hikers of all ages at the falls.

On your way back, if you have more time to burn, explore some of the spurs off of the main trail.

You'll discover some natural springs, including some historic constructions used to corral and access the crystal-clear spring water.