The best beginner ride in Redding.


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While Redding offers plenty of beginner- and intermediate-friendly mountain bike trails to choose from, the Princess Ditch Trail is regarded not only as the best beginner trail in the region, but one of the best mountain bike trails, bar none. This smooth, contouring singletrack trail runs along a low mountain range to the west of Redding that features [Mule Mountain]( as its high point.

While Princess Ditch does climb and descend some moderate elevation as it crosses small ridges and dips into drainages, overall this trail sticks to a flat bench along the mountain.

The trail never shoots drastically upward to make for the top of the ridge.

As such, it's very approachable, with just 1,500 feet of climbing and descending along the 15-mile out-and-back distance.

And yet, it's highly entertaining at the same. The smooth, non-technical singletrack flows along the flanks of the mountain, swinging into the drainages and then back out onto exposed knobs.

The swoop and flow of the trail provides a delightful rhythm that will beckon riders to keep cranking through mile after mile—the miles will fly by faster than you can imagine! The views along the trail will help keep riders engaged and entertained.

Seemingly every corner provides a unique perspective of the Southern Klamath Mountains that trot off to the west, gaining elevation and forming towering mountain ridges further in the distance. Since this is an out-and-back route, you can ride as little or as much of this route as you desire.

You can even combine it with other trails in the region for longer and more challenging routes...

but you definitely don't have to! Even a five-mile jaunt on the Princess Ditch Trail will provide a rewarding time in the saddle.