An expertly-built jump line in the popular Swasey Trail System.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Enticer Jump Trail is one of the newest trails in the popular Swasey Trail System.

This jump-filled flow trail has been expertly-constructed, and it features a plethora of jump and line options along the way. While you can reach Enticer via a variety of different trails, and even work it into a longer ride, climbing Owen's Run gets you to the goods as fast as possible. Once on Enticer, the jumps start off at a substantial size and get progressively larger as you descend.

As you descend, more jump and line options open up—there's generally a medium/large line and a large/extra-large line option.

Lower down the trail, you'll spot some massive gap jumps that are only feasible for expert mountain bikers. The expertly-designed trail tread, sculpted berms, and carefully-calculated trail speed will help set you up perfectly for these massive hits.

That said, this is a black diamond jump trail with black diamond-sized features.

It might take a run or two to get the trail dialed and get familiar with the jumps.

If in doubt, be sure to scout the line first, and then send it when you're feeling confident.