A burgeoning trail system being built in the woods near Newport.


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The locals in Newport are rapidly building a delightful little trail system known as "Wilder." While not nearly as well-built (yet) or well-known as nearby trails like Alsea Falls and Black Rock, this beautiful little forest has incredible potential to turn into a highly attractive mountain bike trail system.

These trails are being built (with permission) on land owned by a timber company, so riders will need to obtain a waiver from the company before riding here. Once that hurdle has been cleared, you'll discover a small set of beautiful singletrack trails running through the lush Coast Range, within earshot of the crashing surf of the Pacific Ocean.

Most of the trails are short and steep, with slick roots and tight turns providing most of the challenge. All of the trails on this route have a tight, old school hand-built old feeling.

Instead of cutting the trail tread deep into the forest floor, the singletrack runs over the root webs and loam that were already there.

In places, barely a scratch has been made into the decomposing detritus, creating a springy, loamy trail surface. While the current trails are definitely old school, a new line known as Social D has been built during the COVID 19 pandemic.

This trail appears to provide a newer school flow trail experience, with big berms and air opportunities.

Look for Social D off the same road as Crazy Train, and stay tuned for new singletrack being built in this area!