Pedal a delightful lollipop to reach a feature-filled descent.


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Mount Shasta's Gateway Trail System provides a delightful mountain bike experience that's easily accessible directly from the outskirts of town.

While you can create a longer ride than the one mapped here, this short-but-sweet lollipop loop follows well-built trails and leads to one of the best descents in the network. The ride begins at a skills park where you'll find a couple of short jump lines.

With two different jump trails and hits of various sizes and difficulties, this great little park can help you progress your jumping skills in a controlled environment. The climb from the skills park to the railroad tracks can be steep, but then the grade mellows out.

The trail signage is poor through this area, so be sure to download this route in the FATMAP for offline navigation. Once into the heart of the trail system, the signage gets better.

The route mapped here follows a moderate climb up to the Gateway trail, but there are several other options for getting uphill. Gateway itself is a machine-built singletrack built to IMBA specs.

While there are a few bermed corners, Gateway is primarily a pedal-friendly cross country trail that contours along the hillside.

The main event is the descent down Pig Farm.

Pig Farm is a feature-filled downhill with beautiful berms, table top jumps, and a few wooden features.

Wooden lips invite riders to take to the air, gapping to wide dirt landings.

There are ride arounds for all of the largest features, so just about anyone can negotiate this trail...

but advanced riders will have the most fun!