Make the most of Klamath Falls' in-town trail system.


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Moore Mountain is Klamath Falls' go-to in-town trail system.

Rideable directly from downtown without getting in your car, mountain bikers can create complex rides of various lengths in this tightly-wound trail system.

While there are tons of trails to choose from, the route mapped here attempts to cover the greatest hits without doing any backtracking. Most of the trails on Moore Mountain are quite smooth, but they're also very twisty, forcing you to work to maintain speed.

The singletrack snakes through the dry fields and sage, making the most of the rocky outcroppings and changes in elevation. Most of the black diamond-rated trails at Moore Mountain are largely overrated from a difficulty perspective.

While you can find some rocks and boulders to ride over, in the grand scheme of mountain biking, very little here is actually challenging. One of the highlights of this loop is the ridge section.

This stretch of singletrack negotiates some tight rock moves on an aesthetic ridgeline high above town.

With stunning views of the surrounding region, including Mount Shasta, the trail snakes around exposed rock outcroppings before dropping down the mountain.

While some sources give this section of trail a double black diamond rating, it's really only a single black at best, and only for a short stretch.

Therefore, I've only given this entire ride a "Difficult" FATMAP rating.