Easy access from Journeyman lodge with manageable terrain and variety of skiing.


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FATMAP difficulty grade



Access from Callaghan Country via a long approach from the valley and accessed via their cross-country trails.

Or, better yet, stay at the Journeyman Lodge to get multiple days of great skiing in. There's a guaranteed creek crossing via the Solitude cross-country trails named, " Solitude Easy Loop".

Once you have crossed the creek & traveled through the meadow you can find your route up through the old-growth forest and rolling bench like terrain. It is a classic Callaghan Valley zone with all types of terrain.

It is best skied on stable days and with good visibility but does allow for some access to treeline/sub alpine for stormier days. There are longer laps with manageable terrain and features. There is a shortcut when the creek is covered.

You can bypass the "Solitude Easy Loop" and drop down at the lodge and cross the creek at the waterfall/meadow, and then flank climbers right towards the drawn route. Descents: There is various old-growth tree skiing along the lower & mid-portion and both sides of the up track. There is great pillow, alley-ways and benchy terrain on the skier's right of the up track. Once you have reached the high portion of the up track you can find a variety of terrain.

Long rolling benches with great pitches and bowl-like skiing, cliffs, and great cruising terrain on both sides.

Skiers right from the top provide some steeper lines entering the larger Journeyman Peak Bowl.

Skiers left provides some fun ridge riding with some cliffs, and steep faces.

Skiers left provides a ridge to ridge route with various small faces leading to great tree-skiing and a shortcut back to the lodge Feature in the BLANK Collective films, FOLLOW THE FORECAST & 7 STAGES OF BLANK