A classic Acadia hike with 3 summits and plenty of views.


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This loop combines the summits of Acadia Mountain, Saint Sauveur Mountain, and Valley Peak into a rugged 4.5-mile circuit loaded with views.

Far less visited than other hikes to the east, this is one of the most rewarding and versatile day hikes you will find.

Hike one, two, or all three summits seen here—or add on Flying Mountain if you're looking for an extra challenge. Hiked clockwise, you'll begin with a steep climb up Acadia Mountain Trail until you reach the 682-foot granite summit.

Enjoy spectacular views east as "Somes Sound unfolds to the south, with Flying Mountain—a photogenic tree-covered hump—jutting out from the west," best described by [this hiker](https://liveandlethike.com/2017/08/20/acadia-mountain-loop-acadia-national-park-me/).

A steep descent lies ahead as the trail dips down to the banks of Somes Sound.

A small spur trail leads to the water just before a trail junction with Valley Cove, Valley Peak, and Man O War Brook Trails.

For the shorter 2.9-mile iteration of this hike, keep right at the junction, following the Man O War Brook Trail back to the trailhead.

Leaving the trail junction, this loop follows Valley Peak Trail as it skirts along granite cliffs bound for Saint Saveur Mountain.

With Valley Peak to the south, these two summits offer spectacular views with their own individual nuances.

At times, Echo Lake will be visible to the west, [Beech and Canada Cliffs](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2697420/beech-and-canada-cliffs) towering above.

This circuit begins at the Acadia Mountain Trailhead at Echo Lake.

The trailhead is nothing more than a pull-off on the side of the road with parallel spots for overflow.

The trail begins on the opposite side of the road. Sources: https://liveandlethike.com/2017/08/20/acadia-mountain-loop-acadia-national-park-me/ https://www.nps.gov/acad/planyourvisit/hike-summit.htm