The best descent in Øksendalen!


5 - 6









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Litlskjorta has also become a classic in Øksendalen because of its fantastic and long decent.

The east bowl is protected by the winds and often offers very good snow.

Park your car at the innermost parking lot in Øksendalen.

Follow a little road, passing a little power station before crossing the river by a bridge.

Now you are at Brandstadbu.

Continue on the path and keep to the right when it splits in two.

Follow the path/tractor road up the hill, and when it ends, go straight up through the woods.

When above the tree line, you can see Kvannsdalen in the distance to the north-west.

The last climb up to the col of Frusalhalsen get quite steep.

Be careful where you lay your tracks and consider the avalanche conditions. From Frusalhalsen follow the east ridge of Litlskjorta all the way to the summit ridge.

The last 50 vertical meters up to the summit ridge are also quite steep and there might be an east facing cornice that could present some challenges and danger.

Safely up on the summit ridge, follow it to the north until you reach the top! Return the same way as the ascent.

The east bowl often has good snow, but it is also some sections of avalanche-prone terrain.

There have been previous avalanche accidents here with fatal outcomes, so be cautious. An alternative approach to the mountain to avoid the avalanche-prone terrain is to ascend the col of Brandstadskaret and climb the south ridge of Litlskjorta.