A challenging and incredibly scenic day hike with "iron rungs and ladders" along Jordan Cliffs and Penobscot Mountain.


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This loop links the cliffside views and narrow trail along Jordan Cliffs with the exposed granite summit of Penobscot Mountain.

The result, an excellent day loaded with spectacular views, rocky trails, and even some of Acadia's acclaimed "iron rungs." With an average finish time of 4 hours, this is a challenging hike that rewards with views of the nearby [Bubbles Nubble Loop](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2697963/bubbles-nubble-loop), Jordan Pond, Eagle Lake, and even as far as Bar Harbor and Cranberry Isles. The Jordan Pond Boat Launch doubles as the trailhead for this loop.

There are multiple parking areas, restrooms, potable water, and the iconic [Jordan Pond House](https://jordanpondhouse.com/), "a restaurant and shop with a long tradition within Acadia National Park." They are open from late April through the end of October. While there are fully-accessible restrooms at the trailhead, this hike includes "sections of uneven footing, climbing, iron rungs and ladders, and steep, exposed granite throughout," according to the park.

As such, pets are not allowed, and younger children are not recommended on this hike.

*Note: "This trail and associated trails are closed seasonally to public entry to protect peregrine falcons from inadvertent disturbance or harassment during the nesting period.

Park staff has observed adults at these sites engaging in courtship and pre-nesting behavior signaling the birds’ intentions to nest and raise chicks during the spring and early summer."* [Source](https://www.nps.gov/thingstodo/hike-jordan-cliffs-loop.htm)