A short old school singletrack loop.


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The Snark Trail is one of the only multi-use multi-directional trails in the Mt.

Ashland Watershed.

Most of the other trails in the region are designated for either mountain bikers or hikers, and most of the mountain bike trails are downhill-only. As a result, Snark provides a tight, old school singletrack ride quality with a few tricky roots and narrow benchcut singletrack.

The ride mapped here is a pretty quick loop, but it provides a much different ride characteristic than the high-speed berms of Jabberwocky and BTI. The route mapped here begins with the standard climb up the dirt road, but then gains the ridge on Jub Jub.

Then, you'll have to connect through Red Queen to access Snark.

While most of the Red Queen trail is off-limits to bikes, this connection through to Snark is indeed bike-legal.

However, the trail signage in this zone isn't very good—be sure to reference this route on FATMAP. Once on Snark, you'll get to enjoy the fruits of your (admittedly short-lived) labor.

The smooth, serpentine singletrack snakes along the hillside, running through a beautiful forest tucked back into the watershed.

The lower sections of the trail provide beautiful views of Ashland Creek tumbling below you. This ride is over all too quickly, so consider combining Snark with other trails in the area, as potentially an alternative finish to the [Jabberwocky Loop](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2688859/jabberwocky-loop/@42.1722140,-122.7133643,206.7701210,-52.5140484,-167.5358814,727.6137821,normal).