Alternative high route from Colletta to Oresine


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This is a high path from Colletta to Oresine, via the Guggenheim climbing walls.

It goes via abandoned mull paths and ancient terraces and has some great views of the valley. Star walking from behind the church in Colletta, where the path goes steeply up the ridge, through old terraces.

When you reach a small flat rock face, take the terrace to the right (yes it looks like the path continues left, but it soon vanishes scratchy vegetation).

The terrace right has excellent views and takes you to a high point over looking the Guggenheim climbing walls, with a path down into the overhanging cave of the higher climbs.

From here you can take a steep path down to the main climbing walls (a little exposed, but there is a rope to help) or continue along the base of the cliff. The path zig zags up some broken ground (often dug up by wild boar) until another overhanging cave/climb is reached. From here you head north along a recently cleared terrace until a short scramble to the left connects you with a well cleared track from Oresine.

You could go left here to get back to a higher point on the original ridge (with more great views), but you soon loose the path after the ridge. Taking the path right returns you to Oresine, through some lovely Olive Groves.

Before crossing the creek, there is also a path up to the left taking you even higher up the ridge, to yet again lose the path.