Hiking route with thee best views of Nahuel Huapi lake.



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You start from Bahia Lopez (you can leave the car there).

After 200mmts walk on the beach there is a well indicated trail into the woods, After 20-30 minutes walk you will reach a view point were you can see Brazo Tristeza, Cerro Capilla and in the back Cerro Tronador and it´s glaciers.

From that point you need to follow the pircas (small cairns) through a steep path cresting the Co López through 3km gaining almost 1000mts.

Keep the edge of the mountain shoulder until you reach the main edge where you will see the East face of the mountain.

From that point you shoud follow follow South the edge until Pico Turista, where you will find a tall seat to rest and have a great view.

From that point the route is well indicated.

You need to go down through the west face in a delicate route (Very steep with loose and big stones).

From the bottom of the valley you continue southwest and climb to the col of the Bailey Willis Cerro.

After 15 minutes walking on its edge you will see the Laguna negra and it´s hut.

From that point is all down.

The lagoon is always crossed through its North side (Left).

From the hut until Colonia suiza you will walk through a beautiful wood (2-3hs).

From that point you will can take a Taxi /Remisse back to the parking of Bahia López or walk another 6km through the road.

There is no need of climbing material (in summmer) but its a technical route with high exposition so its recomeded fro well trained and people used to walk on edges and rocky terrains.

A helmet would be wise to have.