Consistent fall line skiing down a series of well-defined avalanche paths


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



Located to the east of Cayoosh Mountain, these west facing avalanche paths provide excellent fall line skiing.

The four main lines offer up to 650m of vertical descent, with an average steepness of around 35 degrees. The approach uses the same service road as Cayoosh Mountain.

To access the trailhead, park in a large pullout on the South side of Duffey Lake Road, approximately 30km East of Pemberton, BC. Skin up the access road until it ends near the base of the Ottoman slide path.

Instead of heading SW up the clearing, continue NW into the forest.

Cross onto the east side of Cayoosh Creek and continue up the drainage until you emerge into an open bowl at around 1600m. Contour west and ascend the mellow slopes towards the first of two lakes.

After gaining this bench at around 1840m hook right and traverse towards the second, larger lake located at 1900m.

Pass the lake on its south edge and continue east up the broad shoulder to the summit at 2290m.

After topping out you will have many options descending the SW facing slopes back towards Cayoosh Creek.

If conditions are stable enough you can ski the gullies themselves, or the shoulders between them.

If you are concerned about the stability of these steeper slopes, you always have the option to ski back down the open slopes on the ridge that you just ascended.

Keep in mind that these are avalanche paths that slide regularly and should only be skied in a stable snowpack.

After skiing a line, you will end up back on your original skin track, and simply re-use it for as many more laps as your legs will allow! In the right conditions the skiing here is excellent, and the views of Cayoosh aren't too shabby either.

To exit the zone, simply follow your up track back down the drainage to the service road where you can skate ski and slide all the way back to the highway.