A snowy forest road will take you to the highest pastures of Quart









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Starting from the small square of Avisod (1391 m.) we take the paved road on the left that leads to the center of the village, past the last houses we find ourselves on an open farm road that offers us a magnificent view of the entire central valley.

We continue slightly uphill until we reach a crossroads, we keep to the right and continue to climb, we will reach two hairpin bends, after which we ignore another crossroads and enter into the dense woods for a flat stretch.

At the end of it, after climbing a little more, we will find ourselves at the alpine pastures of Valcheresse (1760 m.) Our walk continues among small wooded areas from which we can see Mont Emilius (3559 m.) and Becca di Nona (3142 m.), which overlook the city of Aosta.A little further on, after a few turns, we will find ourselves at a last crossroads, characterized by a plant placed in the middle of it, if we go straight on we will continue until we reach the alpine pasture of Cénévé (2196 m.

), we turn left to make the last piece of dirt road, first immersed in the forest and after a few meters in an expanse of snow that gives us a breathtaking view of all the peaks of the Enver, we finally arrived at the pasture Les Planes (1889 m.) after 6.3 km and +520m of elevation gain. (The dirt road is not groomed, very high probability of finding fresh snow all along the way).