Couloir from the col between Festningen and Urdkjerringa. Classic, great experience especially in early season when the day is clear and the whole mountain gets the polar night glow.


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Urdkjerringa, also known as Tooth couloir is clearly visible Lyngen Alps couloir in Kjosen.

I consider this couloir a classic because of its fame in the northern freeride scene and the unique experience you can have while riding it during the polar night in December. As a line, it’s simple, but it requires very stable conditions because the whole face where it is located is a major avalanche path. The couloir is located in between Urdkjerringa and Festingen in Kjostindane massif.

Very famous alpine bowl that attracts many touring enthusiasts.

This bowl holds usually good snow from early season until the end of spring.

No wonder it has become a very famous place to start and end the winter! Park your car in the parking lot near the tunnels in Kjosen.

Head up towards the moraine plateau.

In early season you must carry your equipment at least 600 vertical meters.

Once you reach the snow, start heading up towards the second moraine plateau and glacier above it.

When you reach the moraine, you can see couloir clearly. Head up towards the mouth of the couloir.

There is a big rock face that could potentially work as a great way to put your equipment into hiking mode but only when the conditions are stable. When ascending the couloir, staying on the lookers right is a good option.

There is many spots to take small break. When you reach the top, the view in the backside is amazing.

Enjoy it! Once ready, descent! The line down is fun, you can play in the middle but riders right tends to have nice banks where you can do some sweet turns! When you are out of the couloir head down while searching for nice snow and untracked spots.