A favorite with the local kid shredders.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Pinball is a short gully that runs through a tight stand of trees.

Although this line's maximum grade is only 16 degrees, the tight trail actually can make this line a bit tricky, depending on snow conditions. As you drop into the gulley, you'll see that this is a favorite line for the local kid shredders looking for some fun in the trees.

The banked sides of the valley allow you to swoop back and forth as you work your way down, threading between trees and around cliffs.

Due to the traffic Pinball receives, significant moguls form in the bottom of the gulley, which can limit your line choices, sometimes forcing you to commit to awkward turns. While Pinball is easy enough for kids with their short skis to slowly snowplow their way down, for an adult to shred through this mogulled-out valley at high speed can actually be quite a technical endeavor.

The moving human obstacles are perhaps the biggest challenge to negotiate, with blissfully unaware children doing whatever they damn well please. Consider tacking on Pinball after Turbo or Turbo Trees to return to the Panorama lift.