Wander through beautiful forests and along rocky shorelines connecting Rock Harbor to Scoville Point.


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Beginning in Rock Harbor, the Stoll Trail wanders through dense forests and along rocky coastlines bound for a spectacular overlook at Scoville Point.

With expansive views to the south and east, "it's a beautiful spot where you can sit on the rock bluffs, soak in the sun, and watch the boaters and kayakers pass through on their way to Rock Harbor," according to [this source](https://www.michigantrailmaps.com/member-detail/isle-royale-np-stoll-trail/). Named and dedicated after a conservation writer for the Detroit News in the early 20th century, this is one of the classic day hikes from Rock Harbor, the park's northeastern hub.

With others including [Suzy's Cave](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2707777/suzy's-cave) and [Mount Franklin](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2707774/mount-franklin/), Rock Harbor offers some of the most diverse day trip opportunities anywhere in the park.

In fact, thanks to the abundance of trail, many visitors center their trip around the comforts offered at Rock Harbor Lodge, while others seek solitude at remote backcountry campsites. "A mix of craggy rock shoreline, juniper bushes, and a few scraggly pines," this easy hike is just over 4 miles total and a great hike for anyone in the family.

Pets, however, are not permitted anywhere in the park due to concerns "for the protection of wildlife species," according to the [NPS](https://www.nps.gov/isro/planyourvisit/pets.htm). [Source](https://www.michigantrailmaps.com/member-detail/isle-royale-np-stoll-trail/)