A short interpretive trail where you can learn about "everything from lichens and moose droppings to island geology and succession."


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The Windigo Nature Trail is a family-friendly hike on the southwest corner of Isle Royale and one of the best short hikes in the park.

It's the perfect option to stretch the legs before or after a long boat ride, and it includes views of Washington Harbor, Beaver Island, and even a moose enclosure not far from the trailhead. Eleven interpretative placards are spread along the trail educating visitors about "everything from lichens and moss droppings to island geology and succession," making it a popular option with children as well.

It's just over one mile long, and visitors should be able to finish the loop in under an hour. To begin your hike, look for the trail marker in front of the Windigo Store, adjacent to the visitor center.

Brochures are available within the ranger station but can also be [downloaded here](https://www.michigantrailmaps.com/wp-content/uploads/glm-member-db/files/member_info_338-wntbrochure_1513344435.pdf) prior to your hike courtesy of michigantrailmaps.com. Despite the ease of the hike, pets *are not permitted* anywhere in the park due to concerns "for the protection of wildlife species," according to the NPS.

A detailed description of the park's pet policy, as well as travel information to and from the island [can be found here](https://www.nps.gov/isro/index.htm). [Source](https://www.michigantrailmaps.com/member-detail/isle-royale-np-windigo-nature-trail/)