A short hike including Monument Rock and Lookout Louise, a spectacular overlook along the edge of a bluff.


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Nestled along the edge of a steep bluff, Lookout Louise is one of the most coveted and spectacular viewpoints anywhere in Isle Royale National Park.

Looking east from the overlook, enjoy views of "the jagged peninsulas at the end of Duncan Bay." Looking west, Greenstone Ridge (traversed by the [Greenstone Ridge Trail](https://fatmap.com/routeid/2707778/greenstone-ridge-trail)), can be traced as it follows southwest along the island.

Accessible only by boat from Rock Harbor, this shorter hike begins at the Hidden Lake dock then climbs the Greenstone Ridge Trail to the overlook.

Less than a mile from the start, the out-and-back hike is almost entirely uphill to the overlook.

Most visitors would consider it moderately difficult, though others may find it more challenging due to the elevation gain.

Another highlight of this hike is Monument Rock, seen on your way to the overlook.

A stunning rock pillar towering above the trees, the landmark lets you know that you are more than halfway to earning those epic views. In an effort to protect wildlife from the "inadvertent transmission of disease of parasites into the largely isolated Isle Royale ecosystem," pets are not allowed anywhere within the park.

This policy also includes "boats within the park boundaries, which extend 4 ½ miles into Lake Superior from the outermost land areas of the park." More information on the park's policy [can be found here](https://www.nps.gov/isro/planyourvisit/pets.htm).