A run that takes you through the heart of Bears Ears National Monument.









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For my first 50 mile run, I decided to run between the two new units to highlight the landscape and to advocate for the land to be protected and the monument restored.

I called it a Hope Run because I am hopeful that a new administration will permanently protect the land and that runners will continue to show up as activists.

The run begins at Bears Ears Butte, a pair of Buttes that have long been held as sacred by a number of Native American Tribes.

Bears Ears is home to over 100,000 archeological sites.

The first 25 miles takes place in the desert alpine around 9000' of elevation, high on Elk Ridge Road.

Then, the landscape slowly begins to change as you descend, first overlooking Canyonlands, before finally descending into Indian Creek.

The entire route is on back, dirt roads where vehicles/crew can access anytime.

If you decide to run this route, please respect Bears Ears and abide by these guidelines provided by the Bears Ears Intertribal Coalition, as the land is of cultural and spiritual importance to many Indigenous communities today.

-If you happen upon a cultural site, please enjoy it from afar.

-Please do not climb in/on or touch ancestral structures.

They are extremely fragile and still used in ceremonial practices today.

-Please do not reveal a site's location, GPS coordinates, utilize geotags on social media, as this can attract large foot traffic to an unprotected space.

-Please refrain from touching rock art, or making your own.

These images contain stories told from generation to generation.

-Please leave all cultural objects (such as pottery pieces and corn cobs) as you found them; do not remove them from their places of rest and take them as souvenirs.

These objects are crucial to passing along knowledge and connecting communities to their ancestors.