Open-water journey to the largest island in Dry Tortugas National Park.









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This island is the largest in Dry Tortugas National Park.

It has a walking trail and miles of white-sand beach, which you may find all to yourself.

There is also a historic lighthouse, but it’s closed to the public.

Loggerhead Key is such a solitary experience because the island is hard to reach.

The ferry does not go there, so the only access is by private boat, crossing three miles of open water between Garden Key and Loggerhead.

Even though the two islands are within sight of one other on a clear day, the expanse between is subject to strong currents and weather.

Therefore, this is a trip for experienced boaters only. Once on Loggerhead, you can enjoy truly wild views from the tip of the Florida Keys.

You can snorkel in brilliant reefs surrounding the island, perhaps swimming with the sea turtles for which these islands are named.

You might even extend your trip to the Windjammer Wreck, a popular dive site about a mile southwest, where there is a mooring buoy for access.

Note that Loggerhead Key is for day use only, but camping is available on Garden Key. To bring your own kayak to Dry Tortugas, you’ll need to arrange ahead of time to transport it on the ferry.

You must also know and prepare for the [permit and safety requirements]( of the national park, then check into headquarters on Garden Key to secure your permit upon arrival.

Be sure to clearly communicate your intended route to and from Loggerhead Key. Sources: