A 1-2 day extension to the Rubble-Helm Circuit



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This is a preposed Thru Hike of the Garibaldi and Whistler areas.

Sections have all been hiked, but the author is unaware of anyone doing it all in one go.

A rough itinerary would could be: Rubble to Helm Creek Helm to Russet Lake Russet to Whistler (overnight, restock in whistler) Whistler to Skywalk, down to Rainbow trail to Hanging Lake, Hanging Lake to Cal Chek, Cal Chek to Brew Hut Brew Hut to Rubble Creek The trail uses campsites at Taylor Meadows, Helm Creek, Cheakamus, Russet Lake, which are all booked through BC Parks reservation system.

Hanging Lake, and Cal Chek are first come first serve.

Camping is not technically illegal along the Brew Peak and Skywalk sections of the trail, but it is strongly discouraged.

Camping within the limits of Whistler is illegal, and the municipality does extend to most of the Skywalk trail.

You can skip these sections if necessary.

These are fragile alpine environments, and responsible trail users should plan to not camp here.

A potential addition to this trail may be added if a viable scrambling route can be found along the eastern ridge of Rainbow Mountain to the main scrambling trail.

Wedgemount lake is also doable in a big from Whistler.

It does not loop though.