An ultra-smooth, ultra-flat beginner ride.









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If you’re looking for a mellow, flat beginner ride lined with beautiful cacti, look no further than the Big Wash Trail.

This ultra-smooth singletrack crisscrosses the eponymous “Big Wash” for miles.

Despite starting from a subdivision near Oracle Valley, the trail quickly heads out deep into the desert. It’s tough to explain just how flat and non-technical this singletrack is.

It’s actually incredibly rare to find a trail that’s this *smooth*.

While there are a few sections of loose sand when you cross the wash, that’s the extent of the challenge on this trail.

Consequently, it’s common to see older people enjoying this beautiful, relaxed ride. You can pedal for miles and miles on the Big Wash trail—the route mapped here covers the entire trail as an 8.2-mile out-and-back route.

If this isn’t enough riding for you, you can head deeper into the Honeybee-X trail system.

(Check out [this mountain bike route](,-110.9864424,201976.7571823,-89.6146536,0,762.2984977,normal) for a map.) The further you wander, the more remote the desert becomes, and the better the views get.

However, do note that you’ll have to return the way you came, so ensure that you’re completely prepared for a big day out in the desert.