The big brother of Kirketaket offers much of the same terrain, but is less crowded.



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When the south face of Kirketaket is worn out, it is still possible to find fresh powder at Kjøvskardtinden! Start from the parking lot at Hellerøa.

Follow the ski tracks to the north, right after the tracks cross the river you will approach a crossroad - turn right and follow the road/ski tracks to Kavlisætra.

From here there will, for most of the season, be tracks from snowmobiles further into the valley.

There are approximately 5 kilometers of approach into the foot of the mountain. From the foot of the mountain, follow the south west ridge, at its most gentle slope, to the summit of the mountain.

There may be sections along the ridge that are worn by the wind, so consider bringing ski crampons.

The summit is also rocky and often worn by the wind, so the easiest approach is to leave the skis right before the last section. From the summit you have a stunning view over Isfjorden and the narrow east ridge of Kirketaket.

Descent is best done by the south face.

Here the snow is more protected by the wind than the ridge of the ascend.

Watch out for sharks in the upper section and then further down you can enjoy wonderful skiing! Down at the foot of the mountain the return is done the same way as the approach. It is also possible to park your car in Grøvdal and make both ascent and descent by the S-E ridge of the mountain.

This involves a steep section in the woods with the possibility of bushwhacking up from the valley of Grøndal.