An uncomplicated skitour with many possibilities for beautiful and safe skiing


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Tredje Svanfjell is an easy ski tour that offers possibilities for good skiing in mellow terrain on the normal route.

Being one of the Senja classics, the mountain is a great choice for initiation to ski touring or when avalanche danger is high.

By following the suggested route up and down skiers can avoid any terrain above 30 degrees and the navigation is easy as long as you have good visibility.

There are plenty of big, open spaces for making those dreamy turns in smooth snow.

The surrounding area is vast and pretty - this is one of the more inland ski tours on Senja and gives a feel of the Norwegian wilderness and tundra-like nature above the tree line.

For skiers who search out more of a challenge, the front face leading down the SW bowl offers some steeper skiing with small passages exceeding 40 degrees.

But as the terrain formation reveals, be sure to assess the snow safety as the bowl is a perfect avalanche hazard in certain conditions.

Start out from the road side parking and skin up from west to east aiming for the small col at 460m between point 504m and Njukcavarri 870m.

By following the low angle terrain from the parking avoiding any micro slopes above 30 degrees should be easy.

There are hardly any trees - unlike many other ski tours on Senja - which can be a bit cumbersome in the start.

From the col, follow the ridge line North and then Northwest to reach the first summit at 870 m.

From here you traverse SE along the wide top ridge to gain Tredje Svanfjellet at 898m.

You can easily scout options for the descent on your way up.

The normal route descends the same way as you skinned up and is a great initiation for back country skiers.

If you have more time, it is possible to ski down in multiple directions from Tredje Svanfjell and use it as a starting point for several up and down tours finding the good snow before you eventually head back to the car.

Enjoy !