A popular trail to gain incredible views of Mount Hood.


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Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain (TDH) crowns the top of the ridge occupied by the Mt.

Hood Skibowl ski resort.

In the summertime, the climb to the top of this ridge is popular for the stunning view that it affords of the majestic Mount Hood, located just across the road.

Mount Hood soars into the sky, rising over 6,000 feet above the summit of TDH! The views of this impressive glaciated volcano that you'll gain on this trail are second to none. The standard route to the top of TDH starts at a trailhead on the side of the highway.

The trail traverses the mountainside before ascending steeply through a series of switchbacks in a shady forest to reach Mirror Lake.

For many hikers, Mirror Lake is the primary objective, but you'll have to keep on running to reach the summit. This route, especially to Mirror Lake, is exceedingly popular due to its easy access directly off of the Mount Hood Highway.

Consequently, you can expect to experience plenty of trail traffic from other users up to Mirror Lake.

Beyond the lake, the traffic might thin out somewhat, but just be aware that this is an exceptionally popular trail—but for good reason! Due to its popularity, the trail tread is well-maintained, especially up to the lake.

Once you gain the ridge and the top of the mountain, the trail gets a bit more challenging, but not too much.

While the almost 1,800 feet of elevation gain will require prospective runners to be in decent shape, this is a relatively moderate effort that yields a truly stunning reward.

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