Husume's Less Intimidating Little Sibling









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Corona Bowl sits above the main ski out from Blackhomb bowl.

It's a common line for those coming back from the Spearhead, or an alternative the the steeper Husume. The route follows the main skin track then veers climbers left traversing the face of the ridge to a low point beneath Spearhead Peak.

From there it's a very short drop to the bootpack transition at the Guides Notch, a little rock and snow chute behind the first cliff on the skiers left.

You can deskin here, as skins aren't necessary on the other side of the Guides Notch.

Most groups will get a few laps on the glacier, or check out the Cham chutes before returning to the Spearhead and exiting via the chute.

The entrance to the Corona bowl is between the second hump on the ridge, and Phalanx Mountain.

Look for the gentlest incline up to the col.

It can be skinned, but it may be easier to bootpack in some conditions.

The avalanche terrain is rather tricky.

The ascent slope south of Spearhead Peak has an unavoidable terrain trap, and the Northeast face, which can be skied, is plenty steep with a wide open slop.

Corona bowl itself is committing with few good islands of safety. Even in mid winter there is numerous open crevasses on the Spearhead Glacier that are challenging to see especially with flat light.

Bringing crevasse rescue equipment and two ropes is strongly recommended.

Locally many people have become complacent and don't bother with extra gear " as it is so close to the resort" but patrol does not come here, and the cell phone reception gets spotty past Guides Notch.

Parties should be prepared to self rescue.