A varied trip through quiet forests and across barren moorland.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



Taking in desolate opens spaces, tight forests and peaceful lake shore paths, this is an exceptionally varied hike in an underrated part of the World. Park up in Brinscall - a traditional Lancastrian village which is home to a lovely tea shop and some quaint country pubs.

Follow a road which climbs south out of the village and turns into a track as it makes its way up the moors towards the summit of Great Hill.

The path becomes rockier and more uneven just below the summit but it's still easy enough terrain all the way to the top. On the summit is a wind break and unless you're here on a rare still day you'll be glad of it! It's amazingly effective but the summit of Great Hill is still not a place you're likely to linger - it's a beautiful yet barren spot, completely unsuitable for picnics! Head south-west off the summit, dropping down to and then crossing over a small creek.

Follow a vague and - unless you're here in the height of summer - muddy path across moorland, heading for a rounded hump called "Round Loaf".

Go over this and begin descending down towards Limestone Brook, a peaceful little valley which leads off the moors and into forests.

Descend the forests past the Wellington Memorial (a tribute to the crew of a Wellington Bomber which crashed nearby in 1942) to a road.

Stroll down this past Yarrow Reservoir and then on to Angelzarke Reservoir. Get onto a path called "Woodland Trail" and follow this as it winds along the east shore of Angelzarke Reservoir.

At the northern end of the reservoir follow a clear, flat path which follows a river past the hamlet of White Coppice and on to Brinscall.