This lollipop loop provides a little-hiked and quite technical approach to the High Peaks in Pinnacles National Park.


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This lollipop loop provides a little-hiked and quite-technical approach to the High Peaks Trail in Pinnacles National Park. The route begins from the western side of the High Peaks by following the Juniper Canyon Trail.

The singletrack starts off mellow, then climbs steeply up a series of switchbacks toward the High Peaks Trail.

Take a right at the Y junction to follow the lollipop route as mapped, although technically, you can go either way.

The upper section of the Juniper Canyon Trail traverses across a rocky mountainside before reaching the High Peaks Trail. Once at the junction with the High Peaks Trail, turn left to hike the "Steep and Narrow" section.

"This portion of the trail is where the real fun begins," writes Sonja Saxe on [](

"The trail snakes its way up and around the jagged pinnacles in a daring fashion: handrails and minuscule steps are put into place to help guide you up and down steep rocks faces." After weaving around the rocks on the top of the ridge for 0.7 miles, you'll turn left onto the Tunnel Trail to descend back to the Juniper Canyon Trail.

Take a right on Juniper Canyon to return to the parking lot where you began.