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With its straightforward approach and incredibly inviting features, the Luttinden couloir attracts attention even from afar.

The striking line can be seen from many of the surrounding mountains on Senja and appears as a vertical white cut between steep rock walls.

Couloirs have always drawn the skier's attention and Luttinden is of course no exception.

Being a relatively moderate line, with skiing mainly around 40 degrees, it is a line that usually sees many visitors through the season.

However, as the couloir itself is wide, there are room for numerous tracks.

Find a parking spot along the road close to Lutnes.

You skin into the Lutdalen valley choosing the most convenient way through the trees in the direction of the lake Lutvatnet and the couloir is impossible to miss.

The total one way distance is about 4km and the elevation gain to the top is 740m where the couloir itself marks the last 300 vertical meters.

Be aware of the ice on the frozen lake if you choose to cross it.

As you enter the steep terrain, skis go onto the pack and crampons and an ice axe will be handy.

The couloir faces south-east and gets a lot of sun.

In the early months of the year you'll find it in cold snow.

Assessing the snow conditions are as always mandatory to be safe as a couloir feature naturally accumulates a lot of snow and becomes a potential terrain trap in case of an avalanche.

If you go later in the spring, the heating up of the snow with potential wet slides become a challenge.

Make sure to go early enough to climb the couloir on hard, safe snow and to time the descent so you ski on transformed spring corn.

The Luttinden couloir can be a great initiation for steep skiing as the terrain itself is fairly wide.

Remember that what's steep for someone is a personal opinion and the "feeling of steep" varies with the snow conditions.

Skiing a line like this in powder may feel less intimidating than on harder snow or even corn, but with dry cold smoke comes the tougher assessment of snow safety.

Make sure to read the bulletin, to understand the avalanche problems and to be able to assess as you go.

Or use a certified IFMGA Mountain guide.

And bring an orange, we are in Norway after all!