One of the most thrilling mountaineering routes in mount Korab range









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In the hearth of mount Korab there are tow titans rising above the Dlaboka Reka valley - Ribnicka Skala 2305m and Kabash 2391m, an imposing and formidable mountain peaks that will really offer you a great adventure. The trailhead is from the village Ribnica where you can park your car safely. The trail ascends you to the bottom where the intense hiking / scrambling begins.

Once you ascend Ribnicka Skala 2305m, be cautious on the descent towards the col between Ribnicka and Kabas peak. On the crest to the Kabash 2391m summit be caution were loose rocks, and grassy areas in the first part. Having a pair of hiking crampons is recommended for the grassy parts on the descend.

There is significant bear population in Mavrovo National Park, so it is suggested to make noises, sing or whistle from time to time in order to alert any bear in the surrounding about your presence in order to avoid surprised contact.

Once they sense people they are getting away. Along the trail there is only 2 spots where you can refill your water supply.

Consider having 2l water supply as the route further is demanding and there is no water to be found. Lightweight mountaineering /climbing helmet is strongly recommended ! WINTER ASCENDS: Be especially cautious of avalanches as the end of the winter is approaching.

Best is to follow ridges at all times.

Start early in the day and finish by afternoon. Bivy options are to be found in the abandoned houses in the village Ribnica on the beginning on the trailhead.