A historic brick walkway designated a National Recreation Trail in 1982.


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The Grand Promenade is one of the must-see attractions in Hot Springs National Park and an experience everyone in the family will enjoy.

Just a half-mile in length, the beautifully-kept brick walkway parallels Central Avenue and "offers views of historic downtown Hot Springs, the Arlington Lawn, the hot springs cascade, [and] quartz veins in the sandstone and tufa cliffs," according to the [NRT Database](https://www.nrtdatabase.org/trailDetail.php?recordID=2117).

The trail runs also parallels the bathhouses, which you may already have plans to visit. To enjoy this Hot Springs classic, you must first find parking.

There is no defined lot for the Grand Promenade, but as it is the center of town, many visitors opt to walk, run, or bike to the trail.

An access point between the Maurice and Fordyce Bathhouse also offers access from Central Avenue.

Parking is available in the vicinity, but be sure to adhere to any rules and posted signs since many businesses enforce strict policies. As a focal point in the park's extensive history, work began constructing the Promenade in the 1930s, though it was not completed until 1957.

In 1982, it was granted status as a National Recreation Trail (NRT), a title held by other trails, including the iconic [Ozark Highlands Trail](https://fatmap.com/guidebooks/96/thru-hike-arkansas's-ozark-highlands-trail), a multi-day backpacking route through the heart of the Ozarks. Sources: https://arkokhiker.org/central-arkansas/hot-springs-np-grand-promenade/ https://www.nrtdatabase.org/trailDetail.php?recordID=2117