An exciting and alpine ski tour with potential for several summit link-ups.


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Burstinden (753m) is a very alpine and classic Senja mountain often combined with an ascent and descent of neighbouring peak Roalden (862m), but skiers looking for vert have the potential to combine even more summits on one day in this area! Start the tour in Senjahopen and ascend under the mighty and very steep rocky faces between Burstinden and Roalden.

From the cemetery, head towards the ridge formation that leads up to the col between the two mountains.

As you ascend, the views over the small fishing villages get better and better, and the overall ambiance under the beautiful peaks truly stands out.

Keep on following the ridge to where it makes sense to enter the inviting couloir just before the col.

It makes sense to ascend here if you also plan on visiting Roalden or have the intention to use this line on the return towards Senjahopen - it's a beautiful couloir! From the col at 632m, either ascend SW towards Roalden by following the obvious ridge line.

Or walk up to the point 667m in the direction of Burstinden, before descending to 581m, a small col under Burstinden SW face.

Regardless of your choice of route, beware of cornices! The Burstinden SW face is a lovely ski face.

Touched by the sun, it softens through the day so time it well to get a safe ascent and good smooth skiing on the way down if you are here in the spring.

In the spring it is often a good idea to bring ski crampons.

From the summit you can decide to ski all the way down to the Lake Burstindvatnet before hiking back up.

Link up with Roalden - Roalden (862m) is reached by following the obvious ridge line leading SW from the ascent col.

The ridge is airy and sometimes ski crampons or regular crampons come in handy if the snow is hard.

Cornices are often formed so make sure to keep a good distance to the edge.

The ascent line is usually skied back down often offering some amazing turns down towards the col.

Other Link-ups - Once up at the col between Roalden and Burstinden, the views over Store Hesten and Lille Hesten mountains are inviting and offer exciting link up possibilities for the fit skier who wants to fill the day with vertical meters.

You can make interesting loops combining several peaks here including Roalden, Burstinden, Lille hesten, Storehesten, Snaufjellet, Tverrfjellet and many more of the smaller peaks.

If using 2 cars, it is possible to park one car on the normal ascent parking to Store Hesten, South of Kvalvika.

Or start the day here and end in Senjahopen.